7:40 am Registration & Networking

8:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:40 am
Using IPD to Meet Your Strategic Goals

8:50 am Case Study: Supporting an Owner to Successfully Pursue Integrated Project Delivery as the Model for Success


  • Understanding the internal decision-making process and the right stakeholders that need to be consulted within the client firm
  • Revealing the key metrics reviewed that made IPD a strategic choice
  • Measuring the true ROI of IPD for the owner in cost, time and other objectives

9:30 am Assessing the Suitability of IPD for Your Project to Make Sure Your Client Can Maximize the Benefits it Affords

  • Geoff Capelle Director, Project Development and Collaborative Delivery, Bird Construction


  • Discussing why certain industries are more likely to choose IPD as opposed to others
  • Revealing the criteria that should be met for IPD in terms of project value or complexity and the stakeholders involved
  • How do you scale knowledge and learnings from your IPD experience to expand its applicability and better recognize suitable projects

10:10 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

IPD Foundations

Advanced Practioners

Managing the Transition to IPD

Ensuring Clarity at Project Kick-Off

10:50 am Analyzing the Critical Changes Owners Need to Implement to Pave the Path for Successful Project Delivery

  • David Dow Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects


  • Outlining how the role of an owner changes in Integrated Project Delivery
  • Understanding the functional and philosophical changes owners need to accommodate to be successful
  • Ensuring that behavioral and process changes are instilled across the owner team, from leadership, through procurement and project management

11:30 am Breakouts: Allaying Fears & Shifting Mindsets from Non-IPD to IPD


  • Exploring the critical concerns of stakeholders and functions when engaging in IPD for the first time
  • Looking at behavioral changes required for an IPD to mobilize a shared cultural system
  • Defining, instilling and encouraging collaborative best practice from project management to the field

10:50 am Selecting the Optimal Project Management Team to Set Your Project Up for Success

  • Bill Lett Managing Pricipal, Lett Architects Inc.


  • Evaluating the teaming requirements of your project to effectively inform selection
  • Going beyond hard skills and understanding that human dynamics and interpersonal skills should be crucial criterion when establishing the project management team
  • Moving away from traditional methods: Choosing your contractor/designer team based on their previous successful partnerships

11:30 am Clarifying Validation Scope & Aims to Secure Compliance & Ownership on a Project Team Level


  • How can the owner support project partners in understanding the purpose of validation and the in which it is translated into the contract?
  • Identifying who should be empowered and trusted to make decisions for the greater team, while encouraging collective feedback
  • Navigating a robust and effective validation process to ensure comprehensive conditions of satisfaction

12:10 pm Lunch

Establishing & Maintaining Trust

Ensuring Transparency Across Project Partners

1:10 pm Bringing Transparency to the RFP Process to Build Trust, Accountability & Accuracy from the Outset


  • Understanding the purpose of the RFP as applied to IPD to manage expectations and responsibility
  • Benchmarking RFP best practice to understand how to effectively manage the process
  • Exploring the language of RFP and the importance of communication throughout the process to prepare stakeholders

1:50 pm Establishing & Managing the Big Room to Bring Efficiency to Team Collaboration


  • Clarifying considerations that are needed for setting up a successful Big Room to support critical processes
  • Exploring Big Rooms in a hybrid world: What change sand how do you need to adapt?
  • Benchmarking tools and technologies to foster transparency and collaboration across all stakeholders

2:30 pm Panel: Onboarding Strategies to Establish a Common Language, Vision & Overcome Organizational Differences


  • Defining unified goals for the project team for a vision of joint success
  • Exploring tools and techniques to build trust at a team level during onboarding
  • Discussing common mistakes made when bringing new partners onboard mid-project, potential impacts and how to mitigate or avoid these

1:10 pm Advancing Your Accounting & Cost Tracking Approach to Ensure Transparency & Get Ahead of Risks


  • Ensuring transparency over how each project stakeholder is calculating and tracking their costs
  • Creating an audit system that ensures visibility of planned vs. actual project spend to identify potential risks and opportunities in a timely manner
  • Exploring software solutions that ensure a single source of truth that is legible for all project partners

1:50 pm Panel: Optimizing Team Communication & Information Sharing to Effectively Track Progress & Manage Expectations

  • Mike Doiel Director of Project Delivery, HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • James Lynn Vice President Facilities Services, Marshfield Clinic
  • Patrick Duke Managing Director, Turner & Townsend


  • Discussing the who, when and what of proper project team communication and the value that it brings
  • How do you effectively document decisions to create ownership and track performance from one meeting to the next?
  • Identifying the tools that work best for your project team to streamline your communication and create a shared project hub

2:30 pm Breakouts: Rethinking Your Document Control & Reporting Strategy for All Partners to Benefit from the Right Data at The Right Time


  • Addressing the main implications and concerns of data sharing and ownership from the perspectives of each stakeholder
  • Discussing what should be documented and how often information should be updated
  • Revealing use cases in which data sharing helps break down historical silos and increases process effectiveness

3:10 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm
Exploring Technology Integration Best Practice

3:50 pm Panel: Creating an Integrated Tech Stack to Enhance Interoperability & Ease Collaboration


  • Evaluating the technology tools and capabilities of each project partner from the outset to create a common system that will be used throughout the project lifecycle
  • Outlining the benefits of establishing a project system and supporting your partners in setting it up
  • How do you learn from the data that is provided through the system to identify opportunities for improvement

4:30 pm Maximizing the Use of BIM to Upgrade Model Visualization, Leverage Stakeholder Knowledge & Enhance Design Accuracy


  • Securing buy in from the team by outlining how BIM helps create efficiencies for each project partner
  • Discussing how BIM can enhance project meetings' efficiency from validation all the way through to installation
  • Revealing how each stakeholder should and can interact with the model to ensure accuracy and how often the model should be updated

5:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

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