8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Establishing & Maintaining Transparency & Collaboration

8:40 am Panel: Building & Maintaining a Lean Culture Independent of the Contract


• Benchmarking the most successful initiatives to establish a solid foundation of trust among the entire project team
• Highlighting ways to maintain that culture, even through transitions in personnel
• Determining and setting clear metrics to track the success of your culture, whether your team are maintaining lean practices and ensure that your people don’t lose sight of the importance of culture throughout the project

9:20 am Case Study: Discovering the Cornerstones of a Truly Integrated Design Process


  • Mapping how traditional roles of the client, architect and contractors change when in a collaborative design setting
  • Approaching the design in chunks to reconcile traditionally linear and iterative workflows, documentation and mindsets, and keep everyone moving towards the collective goal
  • Benchmarking different lean design approaches that can be utilized to drive efficiency and how we bought together the right combination of practices for our team

10:00 am
Morning Refreshments

10:30 am Breakouts: Discussing Critical Lessons Learned From Onboarding Failures & How We Can Better Navigate the People Paradox


Following the morning’s opening sessions, these breakouts will give you the chance to reflect on how you can evolve some of the cultural practices shared to enhance continuous onboarding on your project.

  • Investing the time in cultural assimilation of new staff without stalling the progress of your project: What are the most effective things you can do to sustain your culture established on day one?
  • Discussing common mistakes made when bringing in new team members mid-project and the threat this poses to lean cultures and behaviors
  • Demonstrating the impact on project success when continuous onboarding is well defined and executed throughout

11:10 am Going Beyond the Contract to Incentivize the Right Behaviours at Every Level


  • Deconstructing the incentivization model to understand how this resonates with different levels of personnel in the team, and what motivates people beyond division of profit
  • Finding ways to incentivize your trade partners and field personnel who may not connect with the reward model of shared savings
  • Harnessing team building activities with field leadership to ensure that the lean culture built at the center proliferates through the entire staff

11:50 am Leveraging Hybrid Big Rooms to More Efficiently Bring Our Teams Back Together


  • Discussing some of the learnings thus far from facilitating hybrid big rooms: What have we maintained, what have we changed and what more can we do to further evolve our approach?
  • Building greater flexibility into the way that the team can work together in order to maintain collaboration and engage all personalities, wherever they are in the world
  • Benchmarking the various technologies we have used to facilitate hybrid big rooms and how engagement differs between those in and outside of the physical room

12:30 pm
Lunch Break

Exploring the Future of Integrated Project Delivery

1:30 pm Case Study: Going Below 50 Million: How Did We Make it Work?

  • Mike Doiel Senior Vice President & Director, Project Delivery, HDR Architecture
  • Ryan Yoho Director, Construction Management, The Boldt Company


  • Is there such a thing as too small?: Discussing the realistic profit and benefits of leveraging IPD for our team and whether this could scale down further to become more mainstream
  • Exploring how tools established for large teams can be adapted and scaled down successfully to facilitate these projects, and those that cannot
  • Confronting the challenges with IPD on smaller projects and reflecting on what further changes would need to be made to make this a more appealing option for other owners

2:10 pm Breakouts: Discussing the Trajectory of IPD From Here & How We Can Better Leverage Learnings From Our Failures to Reach Full Potential


In this closing session of the conference we will draw together discussions around the successes, but most importantly the failures that have been experienced on IPD projects as a collective, what this means for the priority areas for further development in the coming years, and the trajectory of adoption of IPD in the US
and Canada. How can we better share and learn from one another to level up and build our community of experienced, open lean project delivery practitioners?

2:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:00 pm End of Conference