Howard Ashcraft

Howard Ashcraft

Company: Hanson Bridgett LLP

Job title: Partner


Crafting the IFOA Contract to Provide an Optimal Framework for Your Projects 3:35 pm

Revealing how the contract structure and language can fundamentally influence your project workflows Using the contract as a guidance document: How do you leverage the way in which the contract is written in the day-to-day of an IPD project? Avoiding omissions or hidden clauses to ensure every partner is on the same page Reconsidering contractual…Read more

day: Workshop C

Panel: Assessing Common Challenges & Mistakes in IPD & How to Get Ahead of Them to Optimize IPD for the Construction Industry 3:20 pm

Reviewing where IPD projects can commonly derail and the causes behind these Assessing emerging markets adopting IPD, the benefits sought and critical barriers holding back further proliferation Analyzing IPD internationally: How are countries outside of the US and Canada approaching these project types? Establishing better knowledge sharing mechanisms and analysis across projects for continuous personal,…Read more

day: Day Two PM

Case Study: Effectively Structuring the Contract to Support the Project from Conception to Completion 10:30 am

Unveiling the pivotal role of a robust contract in shaping a collaboration from day one Understanding the partner-wide benefits of a clearly defined contract What steps should be taken to align stakeholders during the negotiation process?Read more

day: Day Two Track B AM

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