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The IPDA is a not-for-profit national-level organization based in Canada, currently with over 70 members from about every industry sector. IPDA is an alliance of like-minded companies who are action-oriented and focused on improving industry outcomes across.

Since 2015, IPDA has led investments of over $600,000 in research, awareness building, and the creation of tools and training, all focused on improving our industry by building solid foundations for collective success. We’ve done this on our own and also through collaboration with other major industry organizations.

Our three areas of focus include:
Research + Performance  where we aim to uncover industry evidence and enhance industry performance 

Knowledge + Competency where we aim to build industry capacity

Communication and Connection where we Enhance industry awareness.

Our website is

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Construction Progress Coalition is a non-profit coalition of construction technologists united around the shared pains we face when miscommunication leads to misuse, mistakes, messed up relationships, and missed profit margins. Digital Transformation is not a zero-sum game. To uncover the core principles of high-performing teams, we first analyze the root causes of current project collaboration breakdowns. The journey to achieve our shared gains potential begins with project stakeholders prescribing a new paradigm where "a rising tide lifts all ships". Armed with a shared purpose, project teams collectively digest, debate, decide, and deliver a better workflow experience for all, while also building consensus on a new standard of care for measuring construction project performance in the digital age.

Learn how we are making it safer to iterate, fail fast, and learn faster through our Common Data Exchange (CDX) initiatives at