8:00 am Registration & Breakfast

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Using IPD Contracts to Contribute to a Project’s Success


• Understanding the contract: what it means and what it doesn’t mean
• What is a good IPD contract?
• How to Determine the Right Balance for the Distribution of Incentive Compensation in the Contract?
• Driving Value within an IPD Contract

Utilizing Tech for Project Controls

9:40 am Joint Project Controls—Project Management Information Systems


• Understand how to create effective dashboard metrics to collective visibility on project progress
• Learn how to effectively display data to communicate with all the project team
• Get to grips with defining the most effective ways to measure project progress

10:20 am Morning Refreshments

10:50 am Utilizing the Last Planner System

  • Pamela Best Director of Preconstruction Services & Sr project manager, MMC Contractors


• Utilizing the last planner system to successfully set and deliver on project milestones
• Successfully measure project promises to promote a culture of accountability
• Adjusting LPS principles for project scale, utilizing best practice on both small and large projects
• Enhance your project planning and scheduling to improve project prioritization

11:30 am Building High Performance Teams to Make IPD a Success

  • David Umstot Co-Founder & President, Umstot Project & Facilities Solutions


• Improve your assessment criteria to build long lasting strong partnerships balancing both technical expertise and collaborative abilities
• Take measures to create the right environment for a high performing team for maximum project profitability
• Understand how to utilize behavioral drivers to manage team dynamics and promote a no-blame culture

11:30 am Panel: Taking IPD From Our Current One-night Stand Approach to Committed Marriage Relationship

  • Mark Sands President & Founder, Building Catalyst


• Learn how to transition Lean IPD Transitioning lean IPD practices from One-Off to Multi-Off mindset – Global Big Rooms, A3s, CBAs, TVDs, etc. applied to many projects
• Understand Big Data’s Role in destroying our Reinventing-The-Wheel-On-Every- Project mentality to create an IPD framework
• One Team’s Journey to take IPD into the Future – the lessons learned

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

1:00 pm Case Study: Effective Onboarding Process Within IPD

  • Brad Booker Regional Lean Manager, Turner Construction Company


• Ensure the goals and values of the core team are understood and shared by the expanded team when implementing an IPD methodology
• Learn how to time entry to the project team ‘big room’ from multiple participants to ensure an effective working environment
• Understand the nuances behind managing different project stakeholders to create incentives which can effectively change behavior for project results

1:40 pm Partner On-Boarding for Accelerated Project Execution


– Learn how to to structure your selection process for better partner selection
– Discuss alternative methodologies in accepting proposals and interviewing prospective partners
– On-boarding doesn’t end at selection or contract signing, learn how critical the early stages of participation are critical for project outcomes

2:30 pm Liability Waivers & Insuring Against Liability

  • Craig Webber Principal – Architect, Group 2 Architecture


• Learn how to effectively structure the project team to mitigate any liability claims through joint responsibility
• Create a robust risk register to accurately measure and communicate risk ahead of the project start date
• Improve your effectiveness at contracting risk procedures to minimize any ongoing project concerns

3:00 pm Audience Discussion: The Route to Contract Standardization


• Collaboratively outline best practices learnt to accelerate IPD contract deployment
• Discuss proposals for standardizing IPD terms to promote owner, investor and insurer confidence to promote the deployment of IPD
• Contribute to ideas on how the industry can work collaboratively to streamline the contracting process

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:00 pm End of Conference