9:50 am Chairs Opening Remarks

  • Craig Webber Principal – Architect, Group 2 Architecture

10:00 am Case Studies: The first 100 days, creating a framework of teamwork, reporting, and controls to establish project success


  • Learn five keys to creating early team alignment
  • Getting over the Forming-Storming Hump
  • What are the best practices of high performing integrated teams?
  • How to launch a team in a virtual world?

10:45 am The 3Cs of IPD: Culture, Change, Challenge


  • Understand how a common incentive pool can help create maximum buy-in from the project team
  • Learn how to establish common goals and maintain alignment with them over time through effectively tracking progress
  • Understand how to shift from existing management structures to IPD management structures

11:25 am Virtual Speed Networking

11:50 am It Begins with Culture: Cultivating Integrated Project Teams


  • Hear case study examples so you can refine your IPD best practice for improved project performance
  • Understand what is culture and why it is important for IPD project success
  • The essential steps for cultivating an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common goals

12:30 pm Taking a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Risk

  • Mike Doiel AIA, Leed AP, HDR
  • Stephen Powell Divisional Director - South Division, Project Management, CBRE Healthcare
  • Craig Webber Principal – Architect, Group 2 Architecture
  • George Zettel Program Manager, North America - Lean, Last Planner System, Integrated Project Delivery, Turner Construction Company


  • How can Owners, GCs and Trade Partners effectively share the risk of a project and share the gains
  • Learn how to effectively build a project team who can be the best risk-reward partner for your IPD project
  • Creating a risk register to successfully manage risk and tackle challenges in advance to minimize cost
  • Identify methodologies for sharing risk effectively which can yield the best result from all project partners

1.10 pm Lunch Break & Virtual Networking

Leveraging IPD for Gains in Validation & Design Management

2:00 pm Data, Data, Data: Can the Real Value of IPD Be Measured & What Will It Amount To?


  • Compare solid opinion-based, qualitative surveys + biased measurement approaches to measure the value of IPD
  • Understand how to effectively metric IPDs effectiveness to successfully get increased Owner Buy-In
  • Embrace the industry wide data initiative to take IPD take up to the next level

2:35 pm Target Value Design: Following the Money Through IPD

  • Douglas Lee Preconstruction Operations Manager, VP, Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Katie Wells Director of Lean Construction, Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Stan Chiu Director of Healthcare, Gensler Los Angeles
  • Jessica Kelley Director, Integrated Project Development , Merck


  • Utilize early project collaborations to reduce your spend on building materials through collaboratively forecasting methods
  • Learn how to accurately forecast construction burn and productivity to increase model effectiveness
  • Understand benchmarking vs conceptual estimation for the most accurate cost forecasting and projections

3:10 pm Enhancing the Project Design Phase With Best Practice to Accelerate Deployment & Reduce Costs


  • Enhance your target cost proposal methodology to accurately forecast cost and reduce overspend •
  • Learn how to drive costs down throughout the design phase Driving cost reductions through design phase
  • Incentivize the design phase best practice to validate and prove target costs

3:50 pm Afternoon Virtual Networking

4:10 pm Considering BIM in IPD


  • Opportunities and challenges in mindset, project planning, and deliverables
  • Optimizing outcomes using synergistic technologies
  • It’s all about the LOD

4:40 pm Establishing a Transparent Cost Accounting & Reporting Structure Across the IPD Team

  • Matt Bleakley VP & National Lean Construction Leader, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  • Alan Borrett Senior Project Manager , The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


  • Create an effective risk and reward incentive structure to motivate all project partner for best results
  • Gain consensus on team metrics to implement a successful reporting structure
  • Implement team sharing practices to advance your transparency practices

5:10 pm Chairs Closing Remarks

  • Craig Webber Principal – Architect, Group 2 Architecture

End of Day One