Enhancing Stakeholder Collaboration for

Better Project Outcomes

December 3-5, 2018

San Francisco | CA

Day One
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Day Two
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Success Stories

Pushing the Boundaries of Collaborative Project Delivery on Public Work


  • Examining the current state of play for collaborative work in the context of unions, municipalities, and public works
  • Discussing the potential for public-private partnerships as a mean to encourage collaboration despite legal constraints
  • Considering an IPD Maturity model: exploring how adopting an initial collaborative approach could open the potential for further IPD practice in the future

The Potential for Collaborative Project Delivery to Support Prefabricated Housing


  • Discussing the trend of offsite prefabrication in the construction market
  • Evaluating how the collaboration of IPD processes can highlight opportunities for prefab to increase project efficiency and timeliness?
  • Assessing the potential for collaborative project delivery in private sector housing: can the uptake of modular construction encourage collaborative behavior in this market?

Team Management

Tackling the “Culture of Compensation”: Identifying How to Establish Trust & Collaborative Behavior in a New Project Team

  • Stefanie Becker Director of Integrated Design & Delivery, McCarthy Building Companies
  • Tiffani Howard Program Director - Research Strategy and Operations , OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


  • Breaking down the silos of the construction industry: realizing the challenge of IPD in an anti-trust environment
  • Identifying priorities in trust-building: understanding previous negative experiences of the team to dispel concern and encourage collaboration
  • Creating a strategy to encourage collaboration in a new team: steps to take to establish a collective trusting mentality

Collaborate for Success

  • Josh Newland Senior Marketing Manager, Procore Technologies


While every construction project requires collaboration, IPD projects take the collaboration needs to the next level. It’s essential that every partner in the IPD is working off the same sheet of music, and that project information only needs to be handled one time by one party. In this short talk, you’ll get a quick preview of how Procore enables collaboration between all parties on the project team.

Morning Refreshments

Analyzing Conflict Resolution Styles of Construction Professionals to Educate Leaders & Promote Collaboration

  • David Martin Associate Professor – Construction Management, Central Washington University


  • Discussing the typical conflict management styles of construction management graduates using the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Assessing conflict management styles that encourage collaboration within the context of the two most basic dimensions of behavior
  • Evaluating the potential for construction professionals to develop more effective IPD project teams by utilizing appropriate conflict management styles

Exploring “Collaboration Engineering” as a Means of Creating an Effective Team Culture


  • Revealing the development of “collaboration engineering”: discussing the elements and processes that produce the ideal team culture, thereby promoting collaboration
  • Exploring best practices for coaching and supporting owners, architects, builders, and the wider team towards IPD behavioral ideals
  • Hearing lessons learned in developing a collaboration-enhancing strategy, despite hurdles such as distance, challenging team members, project size and traditional contracts. Sharing tools that show how to apply them to your organization and projects regardless of size or existing culture.

Networking Lunch

Panel: Methods for Developing & Maintaining an Effective Team Culture


It is indisputable that the attitude of each individual within a project team is of great importance in maintaining project culture, and adopting “proper” IPD practice. With this in mind, instilling such a team culture is vital, but how is this achieved? This panel will delve into just how to develop a collaborative environment within your team, and how to maintain that culture from start to finish.

Design Management

Exploring Design Collaboration: Revealing Lessons Learned from Contractor & Owner Input in the Early Design Phase

  • Craig Webber Principal Architect, Group2 Architecture Interior Design


  • Outlining the IPD design process: revisiting the core principles of a combined view on design, and the importance of collaboration
  • Discussing how to manage the balance of ideas throughout the design process: ways to combine design expertise with industry knowledge for the benefit of the project
  • Highlighting past successes to reveal tips and tricks for owners, architects, and general contractors to work together effectively

MEP Case Study: Addressing the Utilization & Potential of Target Value Design in IPD Projects

  • Ed Noble Director of Project Development, Helix Electric


  • Outlining the process of target value design: the benefits of designing to budget, rather than budgeting a design
  • Addressing the challenge of MEP System selection while implementing target value design in an IPD project: how and when?
  • Utilizing TVD to ensure that the capital allocated to the MEP systems in IPD projects provides maximum value to all stakeholders.

Making It Happen

Audience Discussion: Breaking Legacy Behaviors & Transforming Organizations to Enable Growth in IPD


As with any new trend, IPD is a delivery method that (whilst offering several advantages) requires a level of initial investment from every party in order to be successful. With this in mind, what is the positioning of the industry in adopting a collaborative approach to project delivery, and what are the barriers that are inhibiting progress? To bring this meeting to a close, this discussion will allow you to evaluate with your peers how to encourage the transformation of your organization to enable IPD, and break the legacy behaviors of the construction industry. You’ll review the collective efforts that can be made to enable growth of IPD industry-wide – how can you further develop this collaborative culture, and what key takeaways can you apply moving forwards?

Chair’s Closing Remarks

End of Conference